Look Forward to Awesome Travel Packages for Cardinals Fans

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Birdgang Travel Club was designed by passionate fans that, not only attended games in the birds nest in Glendale, but would also follow the team on the road. After years of traveling in a small group we decided there had to be a better way to provide our fans with a one of a kid safe and fun experience.
After listening to fans we have met on the road and talking to them about this idea, the one thing we have always heard is “We should travel as a group, If only there was someone organizing all this”, putting the fans together in numbers, celebrating and making new lifelong fan bonds and friendships on the road..
Well now, that’s where we come in!
Birdgang Travel is now your number one choice for the best Cardinals Away Game Packages and Trips! We specialize in making awesome, fun, unique, road game packages so fans can travel together and help the Red Sea grow!

Our experiences include game tickets in our official Birdgang Sections, Hotel accommodations, a Friday Night Fan Event such as our Birdgang Booze Cruise, our Saturday Night Pep-Rally Party (where you never know who is going to make a surprise appearance), a catered tailgate party on game day & more.(Each road trip will have special variations & events)

We also try to make selections available for all age groups and budgets including offering a 3 payment plan option. When you break down our package you will see that you are getting a lot included for the price of otherwise just booking yourself. Plus you will be surrounded by Cardinal faithful from all over the World on the road.

So in closing, leave the planning to us Birdgang! We know how to do it up right, and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time.

…Our Mission:

For Birdgang Travel the mission is clear, listen to what the fans, arrange, organize, and provide 1st class fan travel and event options for both home and away games. Continue to grow the Red Sea presence! Create and plan a centralized location for all fans to attend events and trips as a group. To eliminate the age old questions of Where is everyone staying? When should we all meet up? Where is everyone siting at the games!


Meet Our Crew...



Managing Partner


Managing Partner

"Roady" The Bird






Nolan O'Conner

"The easiest and most professional fan club groups to work with, over 350 Lower Level tickets purchased wow. I would recommend your travel group to any team in the NFL, these guys got their stuff together. We hope the Cardinals and The Birdgang Travel Club come back to Miami very soon."

Chris Calvo

"Can't thank Birdgang Travel enough for putting together the Fan Trip/package to Miami. Easily the best vacations I've ever taken #Salute #Birdgang."

Bob Leteria

"Had an absolute blast last week riding the fan Bus for the Detroit game, tailgate was outstanding. Hope to join you again next season, Bob."

Mike Apodaca

"Tyler and crew put on an amazing event, well organized, great people, show amazing hospitality towards everyone, they sure can bring out a crowd including Michael Bidwill and manager Steve Keim! We did Miami and Philly and can’t wait for New Orleans and New York"

Izzandra Encinas

"The schedule for the 2017 season came out In April and that’s when I heard of the Cardinals going to London! Right when the announcement came out I talked to my cousin and we were determined to go! Now you think, wow a trip overseas how stressful could it be to plan a trip out there... Leave it to the Birdgang Travel Club to have made it easy and enjoyable to plan with their different packages and payment plans! From May until the week of the trip in October everything that was booked through them was smooth sailing.. From the hotel, Game tickets, transportation to and from the game, Events in between. They made it all possible for hundreds of fans to take this trip with the Birdgang and memories that’ll last a life time! I would’ve never thought at 24 I would have been half way around the world cheering my team on at Twickenham Stadium in the UK! A huge Shout Out to Tyler and Eric for continuing to make this possible for not only our Cardinals fans but football fans across the country, For the time and effort you put into it all to make our experience the best and memories we will never forget!"

Michael Cavallucci

"We attended the game in Kansas City but did not do the travel package. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we could purchase individual tickets to the festivities even if we did not travel with the group. The administrators are very responsive and well organized. We purchased a ticket to the pep rally and to the tailgate and I am glad we did. The pep rally had a designated area for our fans with finger food , snacks, beverages and plenty of Cardinals swag. The morning of the game we headed to the designated tailgate area and it felt like we were tailgating at home. A thanksgiving dinner was served along with Beer, water, and screwdrivers. No shortage of fans and fun. We are looking forward to New Orleans in 2019 – GO CARDS'

Andrea & Daniel Vera

"I would like to say we had a blast in GreenBay it was one of the best trips my husband and I have been on. Everything was planned out very well and there was honestly nothing to worry about! Game tickets, hotels, and shuttle services were all set up for us, we will definitely be doing another with the bird gang because it was so fun and well worth it!


"I wanted to share my personal thoughts and experiences with the Birdgang Travel Club in an effort to help promote these awesome trips!
Y’all may know me as MadJack aka The Banner Guy for the past 24 years but I also had the honor of being a past board member for the now defunct AZ Red Army fan club.
During that period I organized a couple of road game fan trips (Seattle) and can assure you it demands a tremendous amount of personal time, hard work and responsibility.
So, when I joined Eric and Tyler’s road game package to Miami in 2017 I was intrigued for how they would promote and conduct this massive challenge.
It was friggin’ awesome! These guys rock!
Their attention to detail in trip communications, itineraries and logistics was more than I could have imagined and resulted in the most memorable road game trip I’ve ever experienced (well except the Cards loss).
I’m most impressed that these gigs are not about profits but rather the opportunity to represent our beloved Cardinals as a Sea of Red during the road game parties, tours and game experience.
Put this on your bucket list folks as it will be an experience (and value) to remember I assure you!"